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     Beast History

Founded in 1991, The Beast is America's largest haunted house. The Beast pioneered the "open format" design, where you're not in a line, you're wandering through the scenes, never knowing when a spook or an activated scene will rock into action. At the Beast, you are not just looking at the scene, you are part of the action!

It takes about 40 minutes to go through the Beast -- IF you don't get lost in the fog in the Werewolf Forest, stuck in the maze, or pulled toward the light in the three-story light tower. The exit is a four story slide, it's straight down and faster than you might find comfortable!

The Werewolf Forest, a 1/4 acre in size, requires you to find an exit in complete darkness. It drives up every abandonment issue one could ever have. Every 30 minutes, the werewolves scour the forest to escort out any hysterical guests who haven't found the exit yet. The storm scene's thunder and lightning will make your hair stand on end, the cobblestone streets of Jack the Ripper's London will seduce you, beware the raging wolf. And don't forget about the swamp with it's blood thirsty alligators, the deranged pirate or the man-hunting lion.

The Beast gets better every year. The local press conducted surveys of avid haunted house devotees, who termed it "the best", but cautioned visitors it may be unsuitable for some children. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. If children under 10 have frequent nightmares -- they're not ready. And if you're unwilling to be videotaped or have serious phobias, then please stay home.

Two blocks away is the granddaddy of 'em all, The Edge of Hell. The only way to decide which is better is to go through both. It's a matter of great debate and personal preference. These two houses are talked about the world over. Important!! Entrance implies you've read and accepted the terms on the WARNING posted at the front doors.


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